Membership Information

Lakeside Golf Club

Whether you have been golfing your entire life, or have just begun to appreciate the game, Lakeside Golf Club offers a membership option that suits you. Our challenging course and friendly staff ensures our members will enjoy bringing guests out for a drink, as well as perfecting their game.

We encourage you to request a tour of our facility, and welcome any questions you may have. For additional information about pricing and our application process, please fill out this form or call us at 830.899.3301. We look forward to hearing from you.

There are five categories of membership depending on your needs. Each of the memberships includes access to all amenities including the tennis courts and swimming pool. Members receive a 15% discount on purchases made in the pro shop or 19th Hole Bar & Grill. Each membership requires a one-time initiation fee and monthly membership cost. All memberships are subject to applicable taxes. The regular memberships require proof of local residency. All fees and prices are subject to change without notice.  

Membership Options

  • VIP Family/Full

Includes all privileges of the club: use of golf, tennis, swimming and clubhouse facilities for each individual in the member’s immediate family: (e.g., member, spouse, and children under the age of 18). This membership is non-transferable.

Initiation Fee - $ 750.00
Monthly Dues - $ 250.00

  • Single Membership

Includes all privileges of the club: use of golf, tennis, swimming pool and clubhouse facilities for one individual. This membership is non-transferable.

Initiation Fee - $ 500.00
Monthly Dues - $150.00

  • Junior Membership

Includes all green fees for an individual who is between the ages of 13 and 20.  Junior members must convert their membership to a full membership within five years of becoming a junior member (or by age 20, whichever comes first) by paying applicable difference between their original payment to the club at the time of initial acceptance, and then prevailing initiation fee of full membership. This membership is non-transferable.

Initiation Fee - $ 500.00
Monthly Dues - $ 75.00

  • Social Membership

This is a non-golf membership including the use of the tennis courts, swimming pool, and other clubhouse facilities. This Membership is non-transferable.

Initiation Fee - $300.00
Monthly Dues - $50.00

  • Corporate Membership

This is available as a VIP/Full membership classification and is designed as a multi-membership (four or more) with a corporation or firm. The Corporate membership is identical in every respect to the VIP/Full membership in privileges. Corporate memberships are issued in the name of the firm or corporation and are assigned to an officer, executive or director for use. There may be only one individual designated for each membership. The designee may be changed from time to time within the corporation or firm subject to approval and payment of the requisite transfer fee. This membership is non-transferable.

  • Winter Texan Membership

This is a seasonal membership for players residing outside of a 75-mile radius of the Lakeside Golf Club.  Winter Texan members are entitled to the same benefits as the VIP membership while they are visitting.  This membership is nontransferrable and is intended to last 3 to 4 months per year (may not exceed 6 months per year).


Couple (with cart) - $375.00
Couple (with trail fee) - $325.00
Couple (walking) - $250.00
Single (with cart) - $250.00
Single (with trail fee) - $235.00
Single (walking) - $150.00